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      Blue Moon Donates RMB 10 million Supplies to Henan

      On 28 July, Blue Moon Group Holdings Limited donated to Henan RMB10 million worth of disinfection, sterilization, cleaning and protection products?including?Blue Moon 84 Disinfectant and Antibacterial Liquid Soap, via the Henan Charity General Federation. It hopes to help the province carry out post-disaster cleaning, hygiene?and preventive disinfection works, thereby?protect people’s health.


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      As a well-known provider of household cleaning solutions in China, Blue Moon upholds its ESG principle of “better products (services), healthier environment, and greater society”. As such, it has actively participated?in charitable?activities?and kept promoting?development together with the community. In the future, Blue Moon will shoulder with greater determination its responsibility of giving back to society?and promote scientific and clean living?concepts to consumers, contributing to the society with concrete actions.

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